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General Information

Seeking Teachers With Passion for the Arts!


At the heart of Jacoby's educational programming are our teachers. Creatives who are passionate about art and want to share their medium with others in a space that is relaxed, fun, and enjoyable. 


Painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, jewelry making... and so much more! At Jacoby, we are committed to engaging imaginations and enriching lives through art. . We invest in teachers who share our vision of creating accessible, non-intimidating art exploration. Our teachers cultivate a spirit of adventure so our students are safe to relax and enjoy learning a new skill while they explore the arts!

Share your Love for Art (and get paid)

JAC pays teachers and artists as contractors, typically $20 per teaching hour plus an extra hour to cover set-up and clean-up time. After determining your class time, expenses, and cost of class we will establish a teaching agreement and onboard you, so you know exactly what to expect. 

Sound like you?

Let's talk!


Subject: New Class Proposal

Tell us about you, your art, your process, and details about the kind of class you'd like to teach.


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