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Performing arts


The Jacoby Arts Center provides an incredibly important ‘arts incubator’ for Alton and the surrounding region.  

As our Company has developed our aesthetic and mission,

Jacoby has provided a valuable laboratory to explore the work, engage in the creative process and begin to consider a greater integration of arts disciplines.  Being surrounded by art creates a communal atmosphere of inspiration that you’d be hard pressed to find in other areas. Jacoby provides an anchor in the emerging, and very exciting, development of the area. 

--Caleb King and John O’Hagan, Bankside Repertory Theatre Company



“Jacoby Arts Center is the best venue in the Riverbend area for live fine arts performances. The professional staff support to help with advertising, ticket sales, lighting, staffing, and the bar is excellent. The crowd is great. We will be back.”


--Janet and Will Buchanan, The Bonbon Plot



“Jacoby Arts Center has opened their doors to help artists such as myself become known in the Alton community and beyond the city limits in Illinois . . . I feel comfortable and welcomed each time.”


--Danita Mumphard



“Paper Slip Theatre Company enjoys performing in smaller communities like Alton more than in big cities like St. Louis.  The audiences are so real and they come ready to laugh at everything, including themselves. Isn’t that the best part of laughter? When you can sit around a kitchen table or fireplace and laugh with your family members about real situations we all have found ourselves in?”


--Ed Reggi, Founder, Director, Paper Slip Theatre

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