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Artist Shop

The Artist Shop carries unique, handcrafted, artisan wares.  All artwork is on consignment and represents a variety of mediums, including hand-blown glass, jewelry, cards, recycled materials, professional photography, artist prints, and handmade ceramic vases and mugs.  We are your center for art in the Riverbend community. 

If you are interested in having your work on consignment, please fill out the Application Form.

When submitting your work, consider submitting gift & small sale items like prints, cards, jewelry, wearables, etc.

*View the artist shop agreement

Artwork is accepted on a Seasonal Basis:  
               Spring (Mar-May), Summer (Jun-Aug), Fall (Sept-Nov)

Winter (Dec-Feb)
Application Deadlines are:  
               Spring (Feb. 15), Summer (April 15), Fall (July 15), Winter (Oct. 15)

Alanis Bing, Alison Bozarth, Anna Dixon, Austin Miller, Barb Heuting, Benjamin Roundcount, Bill Abendroth, Cameron B. Ford, Child's Play, Chris Carson, Christine Illewski, Connie and Barry Clayton, Daniel Fishback, Daniel Price, Deb Heidemann, Diane Tessman, Emily Vandygriff, Esteban Prieto, James Schmidt, Jean King, Jeanette Hibbs, Jeanie Stephens, Jeff Vaughn, Jenna Muscarella, Jennifer Lynn Reida, Jennifer Mishra, Jim Needham, Kelene Monsterlove, Kim Ji-Woo, Linda Miller, Loupe Works, Martha Paquin, Martin McCormack, Marty McKay, Metal Priestess, Nina Miller, Ori Tala, Rich Brooks, Rosemary Towey, Sacred Earth Recycling, Sun Smith-Foret, Susan Sontag, Arthur Towata, Valerie Hosna-Davis, Wesley Barnes

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