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A piece I have been working on recently. I'm never quite sure if they're done or not. This one is a pigeon blood garnet, and two faceted amethyst in raw copper, with a vertebrae incorporated. Most of my materials are sourced as naturally as possible, including the bones!

Alton, IL based artist, and fashion enthusiast, CyRhen Sohngs has been honing their wire wrapping and fantasy/sci-fi makeup skills for the past several years. Using mostly raw minerals and wire for their jewelry, and pigments that they have made, themselves, for makeup art.

Specializing in a style most commonly referred to as “Organic” with their jewelry, and favoring otherworldly/fantasy art, with their makeup.

Inspired by Hollywood costuming and fantasy works, paired with a lack of attention for tutorials and video instruction, they are mostly self taught, and show and compete with their wire work, often.

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