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executive director

Executive Director

- Plan, implement and conclude an evaluation, review, and adjustments of all operations, including—but not necessarily limited to--fiscal, personnel, fundraising, programming, and communications.

- Collaborates with the Board of Directors to provide (and plan for implementation) a vision for the direction, scale, and scope of Jacoby Arts Center and devises a plan for implementation.

- Implements the vision of Jacoby Arts Center by fulfilling the following responsibilities:

 Serves as a chief officer with regards to:
- Finances, having powers of both (a) contract execution, (b) spending, and (c) setting cost structures and price points of all programming.
- Personnel, with responsibilities of hiring, evaluation, and termination of staff.
- Operations, with final responsibility of evaluation of all programming (education, exhibits, and performance events).
- Communications, ensuring strong marketing and public relations on behalf of the organization.

- Develops strategic partnerships (e.g., vendors, other arts organizations, corporations)

- Creates and executes a strategic and comprehensive fundraising plan, including outreach to key donors and philanthropists and involvement in the membership drive, where appropriate

- Represents the Jacoby Arts Center at community, state-wide, and regional events

- Communicates effectively with the staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, and other stakeholders to garner support for the vision

Guidance from board to Executive Director on Operations Review

Fiscal Responsibilities:
- Evaluate and improve for the efficiency of current accounting practices (i.e., bookkeeping, payables, and receivables)
- Monitoring expenditures and revenues and making recommendations to the board for areas of improvement
- Ensuring key-steps toward a 2020 budget are occurring by aligning organizational needs with budget priorities
- Review all current contracts with vendors and making recommendations for improvement
- Collaborates with the Board of Directors Treasurer to ensure efficiency in fiscal communication and operations
- approving cost structures and price points for all programming

Personnel Responsibilities:
- Recommending to the board an appropriate staff that is needed to achieve current operations and begin a process of expanding.
- Establishing key communication processes among the staff and between staff and board
- Evaluation of current staff
- Evaluating current administrative practices as it relates to personnel (e.g., payroll, employee files, onboarding/offboarding) and making recommendations for improvement

Fundraising and Donor Relations
- Reviews current membership drive in terms of scale, scope, and benefits and makes recommendations that match the scale and scope of possibilities given current staff.
- Establishes clear communication with already-existing “allies” who might serve Jacoby well as donors.
- Establishes a list of potential key donors and develops a strategic plan for donor communication and solicitation in an effort to expand the donor base
- Serve on the gala committee and serve as chief planner for bringing the gala to fruition.

Programming (i.e., education, performances, exhibits):
- Evaluate the current health of offerings as it aligns with finances, JAC mission, and needs and make recommendations to the Board for improvements/revisions in programming policies and operations
- Ensure solid operations with regards to upcoming programming
- Recommends and coordinates all policies and procedures as it relates to programming
- Establishing and implementing an internal “calendar system” that documents events to ensure adequate planning, staffing, and space

Board of Directors Relations
- Serves as ex officio on the Board of Directors
- Produces a monthly report for the board that is directly relevant to the points established in this first three-month document
- Ensuring clear and proactive communication with the President of the Board

Communications and Marketing
- Takes active steps toward refining communications about upcoming programming
- Establishing clear lines of communication with key stakeholders (e.g., landlord, staff, board members, vendors, instructors, patrons, students)


• Bachelor’s degree in public administration, education, business, management, communications, or finance (Master’s preferred)
• 2 years experience in a leadership role in a related field
• Knowledge of the visual or performing arts or arts education
• Demonstrated ability to develop and implement successful strategic plans
• Deep understanding of nonprofit financial strategies and finance-related performance metrics
• Strong aptitude for verbal and written communication, presentation, and relationship development
• In-depth knowledge of best practices in management and governance.
• Ability to adapt to change and proactively solve problems

$40,000-$55,000 in regard to experience

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